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How to wear 


MayaHandmade Cartilage Ear Cuffs And Wraps


All MayaHandmade ear cuffs are simple to wear: Gently widen (stretch open) the clip at the back of the ear cuff, so that it fits on the ear cartilage. Once placed press the back clip, tightening it to a comfortable level. Adjust the top and bottom of the ear cuff so that it gently embraces your ear cartilage.

Indian Bridal Cartilage Ear Cuff 

Indian Bridal Cartilage Ear Cuff by MayaHandmade

Bohemian Style Earcuffs Wraps

Bohemian Style Earcuffs Wraps by MayaHandmade

For wearing an ear cuff wrap you will need to widen and bend up or down also the top part which will cover your upper cartilage. With help of a mirror, place the ear cuff wrap from the top on your ear cartilage, press the back clip and top part, tightening both to a comfortable level. Adjust the bottom of the ear cuff wrap if needed.




Ear wraps are fake cartilage earrings without main clip.  They will cover only the top of your cartilage bone and stay securely on place if adjusted properly. With help of a mirror place the ear wrap on top of your cartilage bone. If needed, you can bend the back part and both endings to fit the shape of your ear. At the end press both endings against your ear for a secure fit.

Steampunk & Gothic styles

Ear Cuffs & Ear Wraps